I Chose Grass Fed Beef

This week while shopping for a few things at my local grocer,
I was nicely surprised to see they had stocked grass-fed ground beef.

cowAs I was picking up a few packs, an elderly lady and her daughter stopped by to also, grab some hamburger. The elderly women wanted to pick up what I was getting and her daughter was explaining to her that isn’t what she should get. It was grass fed beef, not grain-fed and cost a bit more.  Of course that what she bought.

It always surprises me, how little people know about what they eat. They just assume because it’s sold in the grocery store that it is good food.
The older lady who walked bent over with a cane, took the advice of her daughter and headed to the check-out. It was obvious to me that she would have made a healthier choice if she had done it herself.

Which leads me to say.. Know what you are eating. Take the time to learn. Read the labels. Become a knowledgable consumer. The beef industry is looking to make a profit and will take any steps needed to make that happen. Even if it deprives us of our health in the long run. You are the only one that can take control, so do it now!

I bought the organic grass fed beef. It cost about 1.00 a lb more than the grain-fed.

For the extra dollar, I am assured, I am eating beef that:

  • Born and raised on certified organic pasture
  • Never received antibiotics
  • Never received growth-promoting hormones
  • Are fed only certified organic grains (corn is a grain) and grasses. No GMO
  • Must have unrestricted outdoor access
  • Does not contain any slime(beef filler)

The fact that it was 100% grass-fed meant, that I will not have to worry about getting any soy or corn of any kind. Which I prefer.
I also voted with my dollar.
Each time I make a purchase, I am letting producers know what i want to buy.  We vote each time, we enter a store.

Organic vs. Natural

With the arrival of the Organic label, many people assumed that the terms “organic” and “natural” were interchangeable, failing to understand the strict regulations required to raise certified organic beef. The USDA defines “natural” beef as all meats raised for human consumption without additives and minimally processed. Natural Beef producers may choose not to use antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones, but there is no third-party verification system required by the USDA. Beef from feedlots can be labeled natural, according to the USDA’s definition.  Read more here

Jamie Oliver promotes healthy food choices all over the world.

Here he shows a good demonstration of what is lurking in our beef.
Two such ingredients are: Pink Slime and Ammonia

Is that what you want to feed your family?

I Chose Grass Fed Beef!

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