Monsanto Is Invading My Space Now

round-upToday, I’m mad and dumbfounded after learning  just how close Monsanto has come to my space. The place I call home and feel the safest. At least until the news that neighbors have decided to jump on the money wagon and earn a few bucks growing GMO corn. I have watched yellow fields pop up all over our community.

All being sprayed with RoundUp aka glyphosate…

“Each year in the United States more than 1 billion pounds of synthetic pesticides – insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides and fungicides – are applied in agriculture, homes, schools, parks, playgrounds and daycare centers. The National Toxicology Program has found in animal bioassays that a number of widely used pesticides are carcinogenic. Case-control epidemiologic studies have found consistent, modest associations between pesticide exposures in utero and in early childhood and acute lymphocytic leukemia, childhood brain cancer and childhood non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Rates of childhood leukemia are consistently elevated among children who grow up on farms, among children whose parents used pesticides in the home or garden, and among children of pesticide applicators.” ~ Philip J. Landrigan, MD, chairman of the Department of Community and Preventive Medicine and professor of pediatrics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City

All I can say that someone is paying big bucks to get the little guy to grow this stuff. I am sure most are not educated about Monsanto and their GMO seeds, they just see an income opportunity. I just wish more people would look at the big picture when making such decisions..

I took the picture below,  from my own home… If you look closely you will see a small field just behind the house directly  acrossed the road from where I live. It’s yellow. A surefire sign of whats to come. GMO corn!field

It’s not a big field, but it’s one of many in and around our community. Someone is leasing up the fields to grow the corn offering the owners a little pocket-money.

I am mad because even tho I understand what is happening, I am sure the neighbors do not. The house in the picture is a young family that just had twin boys this year. The field is directly next to their house. They do not own the field, but they live next to it. I am sure they have no idea of the potential hazard to them and their young boys.

Next to their house is also a young family with 2 older children who play outside all summer. How will the toxic weed killer affect them and their health?  I live just directly acrossed the street and I worry about the effect to myself and my husband as well as my grandchildren who live in this community. I worry about my garden that will be affected by the growing corn and it’s pollen. Pollen drifts, spray drifts, toxins drift.  I worry about the beneficial insects that will die because of this field, most importantly the bees.Bottoms up

Bees are dying at monumental rate… Bees pollinate the plant and trees that feed us.
If there are no bees, there will be no food.


This is way to close to home, but if you think about it, American is our home and everyone is affected in some way. If we don’t protect this planet now, who will? No company should have this much power…

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photo by: aussiegall

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  1. Marcy- this is a very powerful post. It is unfortunate most people are uneducated, just like I was, about this subject. Most won’t take action until it hits close to home, even though it is effecting our food supply in America.
    I would be calling those neighbors with kids.
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  2. I agree with Cathy, a very powerful post. I saw on the news that bees are looking for water, they are dying out so fast. I am afraid of bees but I want them to survive. I don’t use any poision stuff on my grass. I just bagged my grass and eventually it gets all the weeds.

    Thanks for educating everyone on this matter.

    Lady V

  3. Xarah says:

    How horrid! One would think people know about Monsato. And I mean people who plant crops. Not neccessary people who live next to fields. I hope they didn’t take the money hoping nothing happens, or sticking their head into sand “at least we can pay our bills for 2 months with this money”.

    I think you should talk to your neighbors. Maybe even find out who this field belongs to and find out what’s going on there. Do they know? Do they just not care?
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    • After my husband talked to a young friend of my daughters who works for a farmer who sprays these fields. He actually does the spraying, himself. Not sure he did this one. He said It’s his job and he needs it even tho he doesn’t think much of it. Most can’t think past a paycheck and some can’t afford too. The ones that own the fields just see the lease money…It all boils down to money, sadly.

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