Talking about GMOs

outraggedDoes talking about GMOS make your family and friends eyes glaze over?
Do smirks come over their faces
and sarcasm leak from their mouths?

This is my family… and for someone who is passionate about the health of that family, it is hard to talk to them about it, without being  totally frustrated.  Needless to say, they just don’t get it. But really, they just don’t want to deal with it. It’s inconvenient.

They just don’t realize that they either can deal with it now or deal with it later in terms of their health.


After reading this awesome blog post:

By Chaya  |   June 12, 2013

 A Mom’s Response to GMO 

I particularly liked how she responds here about those choosing not to see the problem and dealing with it. Most people have become attention deficient. Problem is that is what these companies want. This makes their lobbying against product labeling easier.

“Collective amnesia—the “Out of Sight/Out of Mind” phenomenon, that what cannot be seen cannot affect us.”

“Very similar to the Invincibility Shield, but the Invincibility Shield will ultimately recognize the possibility of travesty (the car could wreck—for someone else but not me).  The societal Collective Amnesia is denial, pure and simple.  The term “GMO” may mean something to an individual but does not have practical application to the plate simply because –squirrel—that was then and now is now, and now is a steamy plate of chili cheese fries.   I remember taking our family dog to the vet, who was a mutt intelligent enough to know a needle when he saw one.  The vet would draw the needle, holding it menacingly in the air.  The dog’s response was clearly that if he could not see the vet, the vet could not see him—he would bury his muzzle deeply into my chest and have the greatest surprise at the sting greeting him at the other end.   If we cannot see the GMO—on the label or otherwise—then it is not worthy of another thought.  The pleasure of the moment (the food at hand) is our immediate temptation and our immediate concern, not the contents thereof.  I saw something on Pinterest about GMO once, but that wasn’t now.”

Read the whole article here


Not many people, ask for proof… It’s there of course, just a little google search will show you plenty.

I truly believe it’s the head-in-the-sand syndrome.head-in-sand

If you can’t see it, or don’t hear it, it doesn’t exist.
We have become lazy. It takes work to fight goliath! If we don’t look up, we won’t see him.

If you are experiencing this too,  when talking about GMOs,
Moms Acrossed America has some great tools to help us with this.

Click Here for Tools for Talking About GMOs

So What Are GMOs? Click Here


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